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Azerbaijan Investment and Culture Summit 2022

November 17 to 18, 2022  / Azerbaijan

“Towards Youth-Oriented Future”

In accordance with the ICYF’s 7 pillars, which include complete economic empowerment of youth, 45 startups flew to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, to present their newest innovations and pitch their business concepts to potential investors .The two-day mega event, which combined business and culture, was a huge success. However, it did more than that. It was Azerbaijan’s way of extending an open invitation to the rest of the world, signaling that the nation is now welcoming foreign investment and business, particularly in the recently liberated regions, which are crucial to the country’s culture and economy as a whole. The event, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Economy and Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was held under the theme “Towards Youth-Oriented Future” and was organized by the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) and the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (SMBDA) of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The investment and cultural summit received 304 applications from a total of 45 startups from 51 different countries, 236 of whom were males and 77 of whom were women. Our startups are chosen from those in the early and growth stages and are working in the fields of food, agritech, smart tech, environment, renewable energy, fintech, games, applications, green industry, aviation, space tech, VR, healthtech, smart city, robotics and AI, and more.

The event includes five distinct panels, four startup boosters, a gala dinner, and Site visits to incubation centers for startups and investors. It is anticipated that conversations would lead to our startups cooperating and receiving funding.

33 investors from 16 different countries attended our meeting as foreign investors, including global fund representatives. Startups and accelerators in Azerbaijan were open to direct contact from foreign investors with funds totalling more than $500 million. Accelerators and incubators in the Azerbaijan ecosystem have discussed collaborating to make joint investments and plan initiatives. The conference has given Azerbaijani and regional businesspeople a fantastic opportunity to expand their markets internationally

The Idea

Open ceremony

At the opening ceremony for the Azerbaijan Investment and Youth Entrepreneurship Forum, which took place on November 17 in Baku, attendees included ICYF President H.E. Taha Ayhan, OIC delegations, and ministers from the Republics of Azerbaijan and Tatarstan (RF).


1- In the first panel session, titled “Human Capital and Entrepreneurship in the OIC Countries” was finished with high-level delegations from the OIC, COMSTECH, the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the Ministry of Youth & Sports of Tatarstan (RF).

2- In the second panel discussion “Youth as drivers of innovation and technology”. Industry leaders and experts provided an in-depth study of the most recent technological trends and the young people who are driving them.

3- In the third panel session “Powering Startup Growth: Building Effective Investment Ecosystem”. We discussed the startup ecosystem and the expansion of small and medium-sized businesses with our expert panelists.

4- In the fourth panel session “Key Players of the Future: Global Entrepreneurs” fourth round table conversation with experts from KOBIA, the International Council for Small Business, Eleven Kings Game, TURAN, Decapolis, Epoint, and Sabah.Lab was finished.

5- In the fifth panel discussion “Road to Unicorn: Investor Expectations,” was held with participation from professionals from ICYF, Startup Wise Guy, RE-PIE Asset Management Co., Turkey, SGlobe, Turkey, Dubai Future District Fund, and Khazar Ventures

At the occasion where there were ten or more deals done and four possible investors will be announced soon.

Speakers & Mentors

Sami Serdar


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