World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum-WEIF 2022

Under the banner of the League of Arab States at the Dubai Expo Pavilion, WEIF 2022, as an integral part of the Annual Investment Meeting 2022 was organized by UNIDO ITPO / AICEI Bahrain.

Call for Applications for the IIC

We are pleased to announce the Call for Applications for The International Incubation Center (IIC) which was established under the umbrella of Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF)

Azerbaijan Investment & Culture Summit

55 startups flew to the heart of Azerbaijan, Baku to showcase their latest innovations and pitch their ideas to potential investors in line with ICYF’s 7 pillars which include total economic empowerment of the youth.

Azerbaijan Investment & Culture Summit

ICYF and SMBDA welcomes applications of interested young entrepreneurs for “Azerbaijan Investment & Culture Summit” organized by ICYF and SMBDA.

Innovative Entrepreneurship Center in Istanbul

A landmark protocol was signed among ICYF, Investment Office of the Presidency of Turkey, and Bilişim Vadisi to establish an Innovative Entrepreneurship Center in Istanbul.

Dhaka Entrepreneurship Skills & Employment Camp

YBH introduces Dhaka Entrepreneurship, Skills & Employment Camp as part of the grand projects planned for Dhaka OIC Youth Capital 2020 lasting from March-May 2021…

A Story May Bring Light to Your Mind!

Young Business Hub (YBH) is organizing the “Inspiring Stories: Young Startups”, a two-month virtual program for young entrepreneurs to listen to influential startup stories from successful entrepreneurs.

New Venture

ICYF and Technopark Istanbul signed an MoU to create synergy together for young entrepreneurs. Successfull startups from OIC countries will be incubated in Istanbul.

Our Programs


We successfully held 7 Investment and Startups Summits in 4 continents

6th Kazan OIC Youth Entrepreneurship Forum

Exciting projects from 18 countries, teams building solutions for emerging markets making the world to be better place

7th Kazan OIC Youth Entrepreneurship Forum

The Kazan OIC Youth Entr. Forum is a joint initiative of the OIC Youth Forum and the government of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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“Youth are the driving force of the future and are the shapers of the digital revolution. Hence, the way forward is to provide support towards the economic empowerment of youth in the OIC member states which will ensure prosperity for all. The UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office and the Arab International Center for Entrepreneurship Center in Bahrain strongly believe that YBH platform is an instrumental tool towards regional integration, entrepreneurship, Innovation and ultimately achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. “

Dr. Hashim Hussein




“Young Business Hub helps potential entrepreneurs to get connected and feel surrounded with like minded motivated entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur is tough but YBH solves many problems of being an entrepreneur, so you an only focus on your impact. Working with YBH in Bahrain in the framework of global investment and entrepreneurship summit helped more than 70 startups from 50 countries to grow their businesses and scale up to MENA.”

Kaan Akın




“Startups may be small companies, but they play a significant role in economic growth. They create more jobs which mean more employment, and that means financial prosperity and improved economy. YBH’s initiative for ensuring the well-being and economic prospects of young people with substantial economic problems is an extraordinary initiative, and I am proud to be part of it.”

Syed Shahzad

Founder of OxAdemy Education, United Kingdom

Success Stories

Food waste and wastewater are a major contributor to the global problems of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. EINSTECH has created an innovative solution...
ServisSoft is a cloud-based field & asset service management and service tracking software that offers smart solutions to companies with service departments in their organizations....
Offers a solution to the long and expensive disinfection operations by offering a high efficiency alternative: Cbot which is self-drive disinfection platform powered by UV-C...
Biopols aims to extend the shelf life of foods thanks to the biopolymer surface enriched with natural active substances, coated on environmentally compatible materials such...
Paramount Student is a Higher Edtech marketplace and a student-centred platform for international students, high school counsellors and universities.  It performs as an advisor, a...
MOOR aims to Bring F&B brand online enabling them to avoid market solutions weaknesses. In fact, MOOR share market is equivalent to 1000 F&B Businesses...
iFarm is building cutting-edge technology that empowers above-ground farms, in order to make water and food security into light, and to help addressing their challenges...
It is a website and an application for online payment solutions that enable its users to create invoices and send them online to be paid...
Founded in 2014 and operates in the machinery industries sector by enhancing the efficiency at worksites with regards to safety measures, and introducing technology to...
The main idea of Boltay proof is to involve blind children in education through the provision of Braille books and examination sheets. Braille is expected...

About YBH

Young Business Hub (YBH) is the umbrella comprehensive Youth Economic Empowerment initiative of ICYF among the whole economy related programs. The YBH has been developed for overcoming substantial economic problems of the youth through its multi-level strategic…

About ICYF

Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum” (ICYF) is an international, non-commercial, non-partisan organization uniting leading umbrella youth organizations from the Member-States of the Organization of Islamic-Cooperation (OIC) as well as international youth organizations, operating in the OIC region and youth organizations representing significant Muslim minorities worldwide…