World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum-WEIF 2024

 May 14-16, 2024, in Manama, 

“Achieving the SDGs through Fostering Innovation and Economic Growth” 

The World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum (WEIF), held from May 14-16, 2024, in Manama, Bahrain, provided an exceptional platform for expanding networks and connecting with key players in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem. With the theme of ‘Achieving the SDGs through Fostering Innovation and Economic Growth,’ this strategic event aimed to explore innovative strategies for global impact. Together with UNIDO-ITPO Bahrain, we are embarking on a journey to empower entrepreneurs, fostering global innovation and driving economic empowerment.

Participation as a strategic partner reinforced a commitment to supporting young entrepreneurs globally. The forum offered significant insights into the entrepreneurial landscape, benefiting ongoing initiatives. The outstanding hospitality and meticulous organization by UNIDO Bahrain enhanced the overall experience and productivity.

Five startups from Azerbaijan, Türkiye, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, selected by IIC, were facilitated for participation. The attending startups successfully expanded their networks and engaged with potential collaborators and investors. The selected startups by IIC included Stemio, Biolive, ZebraEye, Elara, and

The Idea

Meaningful discussions with various stakeholders, including industry experts and ecosystem players, opened avenues for future projects and partnerships. Several potential collaboration opportunities were identified, and discussions on future initiatives and joint projects were initiated to enhance support for the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The strengthened relationships with existing partners and the establishment of new connections will significantly contribute to growth and success, enabling better support for young entrepreneurs.

Stay connected as we continue to empower and support these startups on their path to success. Together, we’re shaping the future of entrepreneurship!


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