Mali VETED Center is Opening

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VETEDs Mali is Opening!

African countries need to develop social and citizenship skills, the ability to cooperate with others and technical and workplace skills including soft skills, individual development skills and ability to contribute to Pan-African identity.  Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum, the Ministry of Education of Mali, the trainer institution, and ICYF partners agreed to set a VETEDs Center in Mali.

YBH Malaysia Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Center Initiated

The centre will be a start-up and Entrepreneurship Development Centre of excellence, which will offer trainings for the selected outstanding start-ups and SMEs of OIC Member states and Muslim minorities in Non OIC Country. In connection to this, ICYF will collaborate with leading international institutions to leverage the quality of trainings.

About VETEDs

Vocational education and training are essentially important as they provide core applied learning; that is with acquisition of knowledge, skills, values and ethics appropriate for the workplace thus leading to increased opportunities for productive work, sustainable livelihoods, personal empowerment and socio-economic development.

There is a vital link between vocational education (VE) and global labor market. Studies reported that majority of youth in Africa are viewed either unemployed, low-paid or with precarious jobs, especially for countries with limited access to VET. Therefore, in order to make contributions to the development of those countries, technical knowledge is of paramount importance. It is important for young people to undergo vocational trainings especially with regards to the dynamic change of the job requirements today.

VET improves the quality of living standards by way of producing trained, skillful and experienced manpower. Employers prefer to hire people who have gone through vocational training since they are equipped with the necessary skills and practical experience. Hence, vocational training (VET) is considered to be as a lifelong training system that largely ensures the instant employment opportunities and those young people tend to perform a tremendous job when hired. Generally speaking, the concept of VET used to be restricted to non-university education but recently it has been shaped broadly to include the secondary schools and universities studies.

VETEDs Programs

Mali Vocational Education Training and Enterprise Development Centers (VETEDs)

Mali Vocational Education Training and Enterprise Center

Cyberjaya Innovation Enterpreneurship Center

ICYF & Ministry of Entrepreneur Development of Malaysia agreed to establish Entrepreneurship Development Centre in Malaysia


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