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World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum-WEIF 2022

March 28 to 30, 2022 (HYBRID) / Dubai Expo, UAE

“Connecting Minds towards Achieving the SDGs through Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Investment Post COVID 19”

Under the banner of the League of Arab States at the Dubai Expo Pavilion, WEIF 2022, as an integral part of the Annual Investment Meeting 2022 was organized by UNIDO ITPO / AICEI Bahrain. This Forum was an opportunity for youth and entrepreneurs from all over the world to be gathered under a conducive ecosystem and sharing experiences and innovative ideas to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through Entrepreneurship, Investment, Technology, and digitalization.

The 4th edition of the WEIF-World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum has been supported by several local, regional as well as international partners including ICYF. The WEIF has played a vital role in exposing the power of Entrepreneurs and Innovators in creating partnerships to secure a prosperous future and sustainable solutions for the global challenges, focusing on the Arab region and Africa. The Forum emphasized promoting government and financial institution best practices and developed an action plan towards reaching entrepreneurial resilience after the COVID-19 era, creating a common ground for entrepreneurs around the world to develop co-investment and trade facilitation.

The Idea

“Achieving the SDGs through Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Investment Post COVID 19” was the main addressed theme by the WEIF 2022, and under which, the Forum encompassed many sessions and events. In addition to the numerous high-level sessions and panel sessions, workshops, and Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur bilateral meetings which were organized over the three-day event, paving the way for high-level representatives and entrepreneurs to discuss investment and business opportunities. The WEIF 2022 also included numerous sessions on entrepreneurship and innovation, namely: Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conducive Ecosystem, Creative Entrepreneurs – Orange Economy, Technology, Digitalization and Innovation, Green and Blue Economy. 

By its participation in the WEIF 2022, the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum aimed to achieve sustainable development through entrepreneurship and innovation by creating partnerships between entrepreneurs. ICYF received 342 applications from 72 countries, among them 143 applicants applied from 25 Asian and CIS countries. Regarding the gender structure of applicants’ profiles, only ¼ of them were female with a number of 92 applicants, and 250 of them were male.

9 startups from 7 countries (Turkey, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Northern Cyprus, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, and Malaysia), and from diverse categories were selected by ICYF to participate in the Forum: Octopus, Derivative, Digital Wisers, Parkit Malaysia, Portuma, Caretta Robotics, Metafluence, FocusED now, and Kepul.

Speakers & Mentors

Sami Serdar


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