YBH Mali Vocational Education Training and Enterprise Center

SCOPE OF ICYF VETEDs AND ITS CONTRIBUTION TO THE SUSTAINABLE SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:  Recent studies have reported that there are three basic required skills for sustainable development in African countries, including communication and learning skills, numeracy, literacy and other cognitive skills. Research shows that young people in African countries need to develop social and citizenship skills, the ability to cooperate with others and technical and workplace skills including soft skills, individual development skills and ability to contribute to Pan–African identity.   Vocational […]

YBH Malaysia Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Center Initiatied

  ICYF & Ministry of Entrepreneur Development of Malaysia agreed to establish Entrepreneurship Development Centre in Malaysia which the Ministry will provide all required logistical arrangements, including the technical infrastructure and the requisite expenditure for the effective operation of the Centre, while ICYF will send start-ups and Entrepreneurs.   ISLAMIC CORPORATION YOUTH FORUM (ICYF) The […]