Elon Musk : How to Build the Future

Elon Musk : How to Build the Future


How to build the future: an incite into Elon Musk’s vision for tomorrow

Elon is the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Originally a cofounder of Paypal, Elon Musk founded SpaceX to enable the colonization of Mars. In this article we will delve into Elon’s view of the future and what he thinks people should work on. We hope young and ambitious entrepreneurs can benefit from his deep insight and prophetic predictions.

Elon thinks doing something that is useful to many people is important and future technologies do not have to change the whole world. That is to say, a small change that improves multitudes of lives is as important as groundbreaking innovations. In this regard, he thinks AI and genetics are very important fields that could transform the lives of humans for the better. He also realizes the risk associated with AI and genetics if they fail in the wrong hands and emphasizes the role of democratization of these technologies to prevent evil monopoly on them. He sees many benefits if we are able to attain an efficient way to create an interface between AI and the human brain and as such increasing the ability of our brains to tackle the challenges we face. He also accentuates the role of genetic engineering in solving genetic diseases such as alzheimer.

When asked how young people can be the next Elon, he explains his personal belief and aims to be useful to humanity. As such, if entrepreneurs come up with solutions to problems that humans face, they will get acceptance and succeed. Furthermore, he elaborates on the way we can figure out how to be most useful. We should ask ourselves whatever this thing is that we’re trying to create, what would be the utility Delta compared to the current state of the art times how many people it would affect. So that’s why he thinks having something that makes a big difference but affects a sort of small to moderate number of people is great as is something that makes even a small difference but affects a vast number of people.

Elon also emphasizes the importance of taking risks even if the probability of success is low. If not, he states, we will not make progress as a collective. That is why he kept on working on the SpaceX program even though the idea was crazy to many people’s understanding at the time. If we don’t take risk and make innovation, our technology will regress and is ultimately forgotten the same way that the Egyptians forgot how to build pyramids or Romans their impressive aqueducts. Saying this, he also recognizes the hard work we have to put in convincing investors the long term benefits of our undertaking. He suggests that we work on something we care about that we would be able to face people and challenges and persevere.

Elon actively works on mitigating the dangers of AI technology falling in the wrong hands. He dedicates his time to open AI initiatives that work on the democratization of AI technology so that it is not concentrated in the hands of few companies or individuals. By decentralizing AI and making it accessible to the masses, we can make sure there is a check and balance in using AI. Similarly, young and ambitious entrepreneurs need to find out the risks associated with their work and take the moral responsibility to mitigate those risks.

The dedication that Elon puts into his initiatives is remarkable and he spends most of his days working on SpaceX and Tesla, contrary to what twitter crowd thinks. This is a common trend amongst successful entrepreneurs and there is no short cut other than working hard. After all, most of his projects initially are dubbed as crazy, but with hard work, creativity, and the ability to communicate his idea effectively he has become a textbook definition of a successful entrepreneur.

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