Affordable, Smart Water for Everyone, Everywhere

Affordable, Smart Water for Everyone, Everywhere

Access to clean water 24/7

eWATER Services is a pre-payment water dispenser harnessing Internet of Things (IoT), NFC technology, mobile money and cloud-based data analytics. Predominantly working across sub-saharan Africa eWATER Services ensures 24/7 accessibility to clean water in communities that need it most.

Our technology ensures water collection revenue is tracked for transparency to ensure all stakeholders, contributing to the operations and maintenance of a water system can be held accountable.

eWATER Services technology can ‘bolt on’ to community water points of existing piped water distribution networks, ensuring sustainable access to water is maintained for all.

eWATER Services commits to continue innovating, educating and impacting the world on the importance of affordable, smart water for everyone, everywhere.


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