Everyone Deserves a COACH

Everyone Deserves a COACH

GoCoach serves as one-stop centre connecting sports enthusiasts from various age groups to sports coaches in various segments with multi-level expertise at a competitive price.

Since early 2016, Go Coach has served more than 1300 customers and assist more than 350 sports coaches within the Klang Valley to market their coaching services.

To date, Go Coach has clocked more than 15,000 coaching hours in various sports segments.

Why GoCoach

24/7 Access. Getting a coach is easy. Get a real coach anytime, anywhere.


To be the world’s leading sports coaching platform by connecting people with quality sports coaches at an affordable price and at their fingertips in addition to creating an exciting sports experience


  1. We are result-oriented
  2. We coach each other to be unique leaders
  3. We develop and add value to any players to be  high-performance players within the fastest time duration, strategic training module and certified sports coach
  4. We contribute to the well-being of the people and the nation by creating structured training, camp and coaching course.

Shared Value

Our shared value is embedded in our culture and we portray through our business conduct. These 5 shared values apply to our management, coach, player and also our client or sponsor. We are  using SCORE to ensure our company long-term  success:

  1. Synergy & Cohesiveness
    United in purpose and fellowship with high team 
  2. Continues Improvement
    Keep improving our way of thinking, feeling and 
    doing towards excellence performance
  3. Ownership
    Everyone think, feel and do as an owner of the 
    academy. Develop accountability value in oneself to achieve company goal
  4. Reliable
    Consistently good in quality and performance
  5. Energetic
    Active with enthusiasm and excitement

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