What is Bootcamp?

What is Bootcamp?



Bootcamp, a training camp for learning various types of skills. Bootcamps are short term, intense training sessions designed to prepare students for the practical reality of development. You can find full-stack boot camps, or those built for front-end or back-end development specifically. You can find UX/UI boot camps, data science boot camps, and a host of other intense trainings.

Startup Bootcamp

Startup bootcamp is a global network of industry-focused startup accelerators that provides investment and mentorship services. Startup bootcamp facilitates this mentorship-driven model by providing startups with essential tools during a 3-month accelerator program.

It was founded in 2010 and now operates globally with 20+ industry-focused programs in key locations including San Francisco, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Chengdu, Berlin, Dubai, Hartford, Istanbul, Rome, London, Melbourne, Miami, Mumbai, Mexico City, New York, and Singapore. The co-founders are Alex Farcet, Carsten Kolbeck, Patrick de Zeeuw, and Ruud Hendriks. Since launching, Startupbootcamp has accelerated over 600 startups of which 78% went on to receive funding. Startupbootcamp startups received an average of €582,438 in investment.


Each Startupbootcamp accelerator programme selects 10 startups from more than 500 global applicants to receive mentorship from 150 entrepreneurs, investors and partners, €15,000 for living expenses, free co-working space and over €450,000 worth of partner deals. 

Programmes are primarily mentorship-driven. The volunteering mentors drive the startup acceleration over three months and often for months or years afterwards. Most of the volunteering mentors drop off however, so that there is a high turnover of mentors. This gives startups direct access to an international network of relevant partners, investors and mentors in their industry.

Alumni Growth Programme

Startupbootcamp continues to help the startups with intensive mentorship and finding new investors between 12 and 18 months after the end of the programme with their Alumni Growth Programme. Within the Alumni Growth Programme are the yearly Alumni Summit and Alumni CEO Summit where all 150+ alumni are invited to meet new investors, partners and share knowledge with each other.

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