Turkey’s Largest Game Developers Growing Movement Begins!

Turkey’s Largest Game Developers Growing Movement Begins!


Webrazzi / 25.06.2020

Turkey in the field of technology, Kodluyoruz center employees with the goal of making worldwide social initiative, it rolled up its sleeves to train qualified software developers gaming industry! The first will begin in July online and free young people from all over Turkey with a 70-hour bootcamp may be taking the first steps to become a mobile game developer.

World rollick of the leading gaming company with the industry providing a major contribution to the economy in the gaming industry of our country software developers, Kodluyoruz, which aims to close the gap and partner studios tiplay studio, Turkey’s most powerful gaming ecosystem that of our ecosystem at least 360 mobile game developers are aiming to raise each year under the roof.

Young this cooperation through the free, online and learn the basics of the game development and game design in all of Turkey to open bootcamp will get mentoring from experts in the field, and ofour with team after graduating (Game Fund) accelerator program to join their games they will be supported at every step of the way to implementation.

Kodluyoruz Founding Partner Gülcan Plateau, “If properly supported many successful entrepreneurs can come from Turkey, and may provide a major contribution to both our economy and society. This collaboration with oFON offers us great opportunities to provide the right support. ” said.

Pre-registration of the first day than the opening on June 15, 2020 Turkey’s 51 collecting applications from the provincial program, this cooperation through qualified software developers to rapidly growing gaming industry in our country grow in Turkey aims to become a center of world-class gaming industry.

Kodluyoruz, working with the aim of making our country, which lags behind Europe in terms of software developers per person, a global talent center. Regardless of where in Turkey who want to take the first step in the software every young person to have equal opportunities trained programmers than 1,000 since 2016. In June 2020, it became the world champion in the Most Scalable Innovation category by Ashoka and HSBC in the Future Skills Innovation Challenge.

For more information: https://www.kodluyoruz.org/gamebootcamp

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