Young Startups Will be Incubated in Istanbul

Young Startups Will be Incubated in Istanbul


ICYF and Istanbul Technopark Signed an MoU to Create Synergy Together for Young Entrepreneurs

The Young Business Hub (YHB) is a multi-phase innovation program designed to boost more innovation within young entrepreneurs of priority OIC member states. In line with this, on the 5th of November2020 ICYF signed a cooperation agreement with Technopark Istanbul to host young entrepreneurs and startups from 56 OIC member countries and beyondThis cooperation aims to create an environment for startup training, incubation, mentoring, and startup summits in accordance with the umbrella purposes of supporting sustainable development, promoting education and the moral values ​​of young people; and contributing to the development of intercultural and intercultural dialogue. Young entrepreneurs will also benefit from enlarging the diversification of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and in Turkey as well as attract foreign investors to Turkey.  

Turkey is chosen as the main center for the entrepreneurial ecosystem because Turkey hosts many large successful incubation centers in the OIC region. In this regard, Technopark Istanbul Incubation Center outstands as the largest incubation center in Turkey. 

In the words of ICYF, Mr. Taha AyhanAs ICYF, we cooperated with Technopark Istanbul to develop creative and dynamic solutions to the problems of youth, strengthen them, increase their capacities, and to organize joint events in the fields of science, technology, and entrepreneurship. In order to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation-oriented activities, the Technopark Istanbul Cube Incubation Center will offer various opportunities such as training programs, research and development, and mentorship to young entrepreneurs from 56 OIC countries and beyond. In short, the core 56 Islamic countries initiatives will be taken to the incubation in Turkey. Then, it is among our goals to showcase these initiatives in the international arena and create new funds for the youth of Islamic countries.” 

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